About Us

NBC is a group of people who know we're not perfect!

However, we know that God is loving, kind and gracious, and we commit ourselves to following him.

We are an evangelical church which means that we believe that God speaks today through his Spirit and the Bible, and we believe that this is relevant to our lives

We are a family church, which means that people of all ages, all backgrounds, and all types of households are welcome to be part of our church family, and we look out for one another as sisters and brothers

We are a worshipping church, and we believe that women and men and boys and girls can encounter God as we sing praises to him, pray to him, and read his word

We are a modern church, so whilst we value our heritage, we use multi media in our services, and our worship is mostly led by a band

We are a member of the Heart of England Baptist Association, and the national grouping, Baptists Together